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eItem Seller - Version 2.0 Features

E-Item Seller 2.0 advantages:

Track every order in real time with comprehensive admin information;

View, edit and delete any item or customer details quickly and easily;

Use PayPal’s IPN for secure transactions and painless credit card processing;

Monitor fraud activity and block IP addresses of suspicious buyers;

Automatic payment verification, download link, and time-limited password;

Multiple orders with no annoying pop-ups, interference or hassle;

Easy to use, installs in minutes;

Users pay—you earn!

 Script only $29.95 No Support

Script installed additional $129.95

Script Installed and Hosted on our servers (You supply the domain name) $129.90 + $4.95 per month

 Upgrade Installation $29.95 (Only applies to scripts that we have installed.)




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