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eItem Seller - FAQ

What exactly is E-Item Seller?

E-Item Seller is a comprehensive order management system that makes it easy for online businesses to take orders and monitor business activity. Buyers can purchase items, pay through PayPal and receive a password that allows them to download your software products. It’s a simple way to manage your business.

How does it work?

E-Item Seller works with PayPal and uses Instant Payment Notification (IPN) to verify and notify you of all the payments your site receives. In effect, it allows to integrate real-time credit card notification of receipts paid through PayPal to your business.

Who can benefit from it?

Anyone who sells a product that can be downloaded onlineand anyone who purchases software online.  Order Now

What happens if a customer tries to download my software without paying?

They’ll receive a link that refers them to the payment page. E-Item Seller makes it easy to buy online products and simple to block fraudsters. You can also block the IP addresses of users who try to take your products without paying.

How can I stop someone from downloading multiple copies of my software?

The admin section of E-Item Seller allows you to define the length of a password’s validity. A user will have a set amount of time to take your product before the password is no longer valid.

Can a customer pay by echeck?

Sure, but the user will be notified that the payment is pending. Their username and password will be suspended until the check clears and E-Item Seller will then send them an email informing them that they may complete their download.  Order Now

How do I install E-Item Seller?

You can either download the program and place it on your own server or ask us to install it for you. We’ll make any necessary changes to make sure the installation matches your site’s design.

Are payments secure?

Payments are made through PayPal using the highest form of online security. Millions of payments made every year through the Internet’s most popular online banking system.

Where do I order E-Item Seller?

Right here. Just turn to the Order Page and place your order!

What is required to install this script?

You will need the ability to run PERL/CGI Scripts on your server.  Also you will need the following PERL MODS installed. 

Script also requires SendMail or IndigoMail to be able to send email notifications

What is your refund policy?

Due to the fact that you will download the source there are no refunds allowed.  If you have any questions as to if this software will work on your servers please contact us before making a purchase.

What if I can not use CGI scripts with my current host?

We do offer full featured hosting at competitive rates at http://www.scorpionwebhosting.com or If you don't want to install IPN handler on your own server and are willing to use a third party system, you can register at e-junkie.com and sell your
downloads for just $5/month. No programming required.

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