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e-Item Seller PayPal IPN script for Digital Downloads.

Take orders, deliver your product, count your cash!

You work hard to bring users to your site. You put effort into turning browsers into buyers. You invest time and money in giving your customers a product they truly value.

Now you need to make it easy for your clients to pay!

When you’re selling online, you can’t afford to miss a single order. You can’t afford to take your customers right through your site only to lose them at the point of purchase.

You need to make it easy for your customers pay, download—and purchase your product.

E-Item Seller is a simple-to-use Perl script that allows your customers to enter their credit card details and download your product right away. There’s no waiting for you to confirm the order, and no delays before they receive their software. Your customers can simply place their order, enter their password and start downloading your product. They get the goods—you get the cash.

With E-Item Seller you get better usability for your site—and more sales for your business.

Ready to Stop Losing Money to Theives??

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