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Free or Low Cost Ways to Promote Your Small Business
A Home Business Article Contributed by Elizabeth Fox-Wise

Marketing Your Small Business is an Ongoing Process

Whether you have owned your small business for years or are just starting out, marketing your small business is always critical to its continued success. Especially when you are first starting out, finding resources to market your business for free or very low cost can sometimes make the difference between success and failure.

Some Ways to Market Your Small Business Can Be Done for Free or Very Low Cost

The first thing you can do is send an email letter to all of your current and former customers on a regular basis. All this costs is your time and it could bring a huge return with increased sales and referral customers. You will perceived as an expert in your field, and you may get business or referrals from those who see your name often. You should offer information that your readers will find helpful, as well as promote your small business.

Offer a sample of your product of service for free. Nothing will bring traffic to your website like an offer for a free sample will. If your product or service is of good quality and value, nothing will bring customers to your small business like a free sample.

Co market with complimentary not competitive small business. For example, if you are a realtor you could share the cost of a co marketing campaign with a mortgage company. Also offer to put links on your small business site to other complimentary small businesses and request they let you do the same in exchange.

Offer a Money Back Guarantee. This is very important and show potential customers that you stand behind your small business. A money back guarantee can be offered on both goods and services. Some people are afraid that so many people will ask for their money back that their small business will go under. However, studies have shown that only a handful of people will ever take you up on the offer and a risk free proposition is a huge incentive to buy!

More Ways to Market Your Small Business on a Shoe String

There are other things you can do to market your small business that will not cost you much. Volunteer to speak to groups about the products or services your small business offers. In your community alone, there are probably many business, community and social groups looking for speakers. This offers you the opportunity to showcase your small business while providing valuable information to the group.

Use testimonials from customers. The only thing more beneficial to your small business than tooting your own horn is allowing someone else to toot it. Let satisfied customers tell potential customers how good your small business is!

Send Thank You Notes to your customers either via email or postal mail. Customers like to know that they are appreciated and will return to a business that they believe values them.

Go that one extra step and remember your customers birthday! Getting a birthday card from your small business on their birthday will make you stand out in their memory and probably ensure you another year with a valuable customer!