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PayPal Star Developer Award Winner 2005

We have 100% error free code

About Scorpion Systems
Web Design

First, I do not have a BS in computer science or in anything for that matter. I don’t run a huge firm that doesn’t care about its clients. Rather, I’m a freelance designer, with a lot of knowledge in programming, who is trying to make a decent living by helping people for reasonable rates. That way, I will be able to work from home, keep in close touch with my family and enjoy watching my kids grow.

I started programming using an Aquarius Computer when I was about 7 years old. You all remember “type 500 lines of code to see the little man run across the screen?” Well, ever since then I was always fascinated by computers, always reading books and advancing my knowledge. I am knowledgeable about Basica, GW Basic, Qbasic, Visual Basic, VB Script, Perl, HTML, DreamWeaver, Front Page, My SQL and JavaScript. I have came a long way from that old Aquarius and have taken up Web Programming/

Scripting. I mostly use Perl for back end work. I have yet to learn PHP… maybe one day.

In 1999 I started this business and set off to try to help people get on the web for reasonable rates. I found and hired a few freelancers from around the world to help with my projects and now have a team of designers.

A lot of my customers are from the message boards I frequent such as the PayPal developers forum where I spend most of my time when not working. The rest are from word of mouth. I have yet to have a customer unhappy with my work, thus they are all very willing to refer someone who could use my assistance.

So if you are looking for a friendly group, not looking to rip you off, you came to the right place. We will always go above and beyond the scope of the project assigned to ensure you are satisfied.

I guarantee we will never turn our backs on our customers. We will always be there to help whether it be an error on our part or yours.